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Zyriah (Zer-I-ah) is an alien weapons dealer, smuggler and occasional mercenary. Along with her childhood friends, Varrai and Cairna, she leads an intergalactic weaponry smuggling business. She has no human cover and runs the combat operations division of Azure Enterprises.

Alias Zyriah ( Zer-I-Ah)
Age(2016) Unknown
Species Unknown Species

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Zyriah is a highly capable and effective combatant. Aside from her alien physiology, Zyriah's advanced suit increases all of her natural abilites (including durability) to superhuman levels, allowing her to move, jump, run and fight faster and harder than ever. Her armor is also very non restrictive, allowing her the protection, while decreasing none of the movement. Regardless, it is built for speed and efficiency and will not hold up under sustained heavy fire. Other capabilities include: Advanced high speed targeting systems and multi-spectrum sight, emitting sonic blasts and automatic retraction. Also as a main feature, she is capable of stealth mode, and her armor includes an advanced lightweight collapsable jet pack. She is usually armed with her signature energy gauntlets. They are extremely rare, pludered from the ruins of an unknown civilization. As far as she is able to tell, they are powered by an unknown energy that would theoretically power a warships force fields. Once activated, they wreathe her body in the energy, granting her vast superhuman strength and resistance to physical injury sufficient to allow her to stand toe to toe with even the strongest opponents. She has made some modifications of her own to the gauntlets, allowing her to fire blasts of the energy at an opponent from a distance. Trained as a warrior, with extensive training in the hand-to-hand and military combat techniques of her home planet, she is a seasoned combat veteran who possesses superior fighting skills and is a very deadly opponent. She is also highly skilled with multiple ranged weapons.


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