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Nightwing, Zeena's possible father

Zeena Zatara is the daughter of Zatanna Zatara and Nightwing. Her Grandfather is Doctor fate. She goes by the code name Zatara. She is dating Jai.
Real Name Zeena Zatara
Alias Zatara
Age 14( NG) 19( Sequel)
Race Human


Zeena has been showed to be a very kind and truthful girl. She often helped the other Teammates and worried about them more than herself. She was also shown to be the least expirenced of the team because she got hurt in several missions, and wasn't as good as a fighter. She was also the first to die in the simulated test(like Fail safe). However she is very loyal to her friend especially Jai West who helped her start on her mission to find her father.
489px-Young Zatanna

Zeena's mother at her age


She was said to be short with curly short black hair and blue eyes that were similar to Nightwing's. As the youngest she was shorter than the rest.


  • Zeena's father may be Nightwing but it has not been confirmed
  • Zeena seems closets to Irey not Samantha
  • She is dating Jai West aka Green Arrow ll

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