Zatanna Zatara is a former member of the team and currently a memberof the Justice League.she is the daughter of zatara the host of Doctor Fate    

Vital Statistics
Real Name Zatanna Zatara
Alias None
Species Human


Zatanna is playful and have a rebellious nature she had good personality and quite comfortable with Robin (Nightwing)

Physical AppearanceEdit

An attractive teenage girl, Zatanna has medium length black hair and bright cyan colored eyes with a slender build. Her magic allows her to change her clothing quickly. She wears a white single breasted shirt with a tie (either white bow tie or a black bolo tie), a black jacket and a black skirt. Her other, more casual outfit is a pair of white or black pants with a light violet or dark red top and white or black shoes. She also wears white earrings.


Early lifeEdit

She used to live in New York and a student in Catholic school


12:39 PM Sewer

She use a spell to create a shield

3:01 AM Streets

She created a rope to tie ULTIMA

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