Secret ID: Kane Huang Holmes Hero/Villain Alias: Dragon Gender: male Age: 13 Nationality: Chinese-American Hair Color: black Eye Color: dark brown due to his Chinese heritage Hair Style: very long so that it goes to his knees Group: The Light Personality: He doesn't care who gets hurt as long as he gets the job done and treats his foes like a cat would treat a mouse, making him similar to Cheshire. He also has crushes on various heroines and villainesses (Wonder Woman, Zatanna, Cheshire, etc.) and tries to flirt but gets his butt kicked everytime. Abilities: dragon transformation, shadow manipulation, martial artist, swordsman Weapon(s): Kane's favorite weapon is a katana. He also carries his mother's ninjato to remember her by. Stealth. Bio: Kane had a sad time as a foster child due to his Chinese heritage and being the great-great-great grandson of H.H.Holmes. On his way home, he met Lady Shiva who he saw as a mother. His birth mother died when he was nine. Lady Shiva raised him as her son, giving him the name Dragon before she disappeared. While stalking one day, Dragon ran into Lex Luthor who asked him to join the Light, which he did.

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