Season 2 takes place 5 months after the discovery that Guardian killed Cassie Sandsmark. A whole Summer has passed, and now Artemis Crock, M'gann M'orzz, Zatanna Zatara and Raquel Ervin are ready to put Cassie behind them. But it isn't always easy to leave the past behind......


Artemis CrockEdit

Artemis is determined to find answers about Cassie's death by visiting Wendy in the Arkham Asylum. She is still in a relationship with Wally, but things get complicated when he doesn't approve of her visits with Wendy.

M'gann M'orzzEdit

M'gann continues to figure out answers about Cassie's death and her relationship with La'gaan blossoms.

Zatanna ZataraEdit

Haunted with paranoia, Zatanna believes that Wendy is faking being mental and will continue to come after the girls. Her relationship with Robin is now an important factor in her life, due to her father becoming Doctor Fate

Raquel ErvinEdit

Raquel is struggling with the loss of her friend Karen Beecher. She has been working at a diner for the past few weeks to take her mind off things.

Episode ListEdit

201: What Happened 'That Night'?

As the second anniversary of Cassie's disappearance arrives, Artemis, Zatanna, M'gann, and Raquel are thrown back into turmoil after a shocking night.

202:Blood's the New Black

One of Zatanna's past secrets comes back to haunt her. When M'gann questions Black Canary's defending Guardian, she stumbles across a shocking secret. Artemis's visits with Wendy cause tension between her and Wally. Raquel finds solace in the form of Karen's former boyfriend, Mal Duncan.

203: The Remains of the A's

An invitation to Bette Kane's birthday party leads the girls down the wrong path. Raquel gets more flashbacks from "That Night" while Zatanna questions Robin's influx of cash.

204: Single Fright Female

Someone from Cassie's past shows up in town and invites M'gann and Zatanna to a former friend's party. Meanwhile, Artemis thinks she's getting framed and goes to Wendy for answers. Two girls get trapped.

205: The Lady's Killer

Raquel is caught in the crossfire when Karen's murderer is revealed and the girls get betrayed by someone close.

206: A Dark Ride

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