250px-The Light


"Hey, I found this old box underneath the floorboards in Cassie's room." Zatanna said.

"Think they mean anything?" asked Megan.

"Nah. It's just some old doll and newspapers." Zatanna replied,"Wait a sec. This doll is really creepy!" Zatanna found one stuffed between the newspapers. It was a voodoo doll, with a needle in its heart!

"Why would Cassie hide that stuff?" asked Rocket.

"Guys, thats not anynewspaper. Look at the QandA articles. They're from CS and A?" Artemis told them.

"Look, this one says, Meet me at the Sandbar Internet Cafe," Rocket said, looking at the paper.

"That's the last one before she disappeared," Megan replied.

"Lets go there," Zatanna said.

"Excuse me, but is this place open?" Megan asked the shopowner, who was walking inside.

"This is the Sandbar Internet Cafe, right?" Zatanna asked.

"Oh no, that was replaced a while ago with that doll shop. Why, I believe it was last summer."

Then, they went into the doll shop. They met Martha, the shopowner.

Zatanna showed her the voodoo doll,"Do you have any of these?"

"No, we have them, but never sold."

"Then, a little boy walked over to them."There was a girl who came here asking about that too."

Then, Artemis got out her phone and showed a picture of Cassie."Did she look like this?"

"Thats her face, but she had dark hair, like yours," he said, pointing to Zatanna.

"I told her to stop asking questions because a man and a woman came before her and bought the doll. They said they wanted to hurt someone."

"Was this woman blind or a blonde?" asked Rocket.

"No. She had black hair, and knifes strapped to her hips."

"Ok Seth, thats enough!" Martha said, sending the boy away.

"He's got a vivid imagination. Sorry to bother you," Martha told them, sending the girls away too.

The next day, Wendy walked over to Artemis.

"Okay, um I have to tell you something. I've been getting texts from someone called cAssie, and I'm really scared," Wendy confided.

"Don't be. It's probably some freak trying to prank you," Artemis lied.

"Okay. Thanks," Wendy said.

"Guys, Wendy's getting texts, too!" Artemis told the girls.

"What did you tell her?" asked Megan.

"Enough to make her think its just a prank," Artemis replied.

"Good." Rocket said.

Then, the girls recieved a text. Now There's Five Of You! Which One Goes Down First? -cAssie

Later that night, a black gloved figure was at the dollshop. They gave Martha an envelope full of money, and Seth a lollipop.

"You know, you have beautiful eyes, honey. I might just get you a job here!" Martha said.

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