200px-Young Rocket


"It's a good idea!" ROcket explained.

"No, it's not!" Megan yelled.

"You know what, I'm sick of you bossing us around," Rocket said.

"Fine. Leave," Megan replied.

So, Rocket zeta-beamed to Dakota city.

Then, her phone got a text.

You Were Always My Favorite. Want To Make A Deal? -cAssie.

Rocket looked around, and saw a graffiti with the word Yes on it. She used her powers to circle it. Later that night, she went back to the cave.

"cAssie took the bait!" she excitedly told the others.

"Good. This plan could really work," Megan said.

The next day, Rocket got another text.

See You Tonight, BFF! Meet Me In The Sewers of Gotham City. -cAssie

"Will do," Rocket said, grinning.

That night, Rocket agreed to meet cAssie. She waited in the sewers. Then, a figure in a black hoodie came up behind her. She turned around.

"I knew I could count on you. You're the only one who listens. You're always listening. There's something in this box. Something about you. It must be driving you crazy, that you left something that reveals who you are. You wanna know what we found?" Rocket said, holding out a box.

"Nothing! We lied to you and you believed us!" she said as Zatanna and Megan came. Then, cAssie threw a smoke bomb. And ran past them, but the girls were hot on cAssie's trail. Then, as cAssie was exiting the sewers, Artemis drove up and accidently hit them! The other girls were right behind cAssie, but cAssie got away.

"Did I just hit who I think I did?" Artemis asked.

"Yes! And now they're gone!" Megan exclaimed.

So, the girls went back to the car. Then, they noticed a cell phone on the ground.

"That's not mine," Artemis said.

"not mine either," Rocket said.

"uh uh," Zatanna replied.

"Then this means. We have cAssie's cell phone!" Megan said.

Then, the figure in a black hoodie returns to a car in the woods. They check their pockets, but find them empty. Angry, and aware of the mistake they made, the figure smashes the glass in their window mirror...

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