250px-Lagoon Boy


"If cAssie is strong enough to defeat freaking Wonder Woman, then you know we're screwed, right?" Rocket said.

"I'm going to Atlantis," Megan announced.

"Why?" asked Zatanna.

"I need to find answers. I'll talk to La'gaan, Garth, and Tula. They'll know what's up with Aqualad," Megan told them.

"Good luck," Artemis told her.

"Thanks." Megan said, zeta-beaming away.

She asked around everone in Atlantis, but no one had information.

"I might know where he is," a fish boy said. he introduced himself as La'gaan.

"Where?" Megan asked.

"Malina Island," he replied.

So, they Zeta-beamed back to the surface world and rode the bio-ship to Malina Island. However, there was nothing there, just signs of a battle, and...

"It's Black Manta's mask!" Megan shouted, picking it up. BOOM! An explosion rocked the cave, causing Megan to become unconscious. La'gan picked her up and carried her back to the bio-ship, and they went back to Mount Justice.

"Megan!" Zatanna exclaimed.

"Is she alright?" asked Artemis.

"She'll be fine."

"What happened?" Rocket asked.

"A bomb was on a black helmet. It was Aqualad's. He's Black Manta's son," La'gaan told them.

A few days later, Rocket came up with an idea that could solve all of their problems.