489px-Young Zatanna


It had been one year since her friend Cassie went missing. In that time, Zatanna and her father had moved to New York. Artemis had transferred to Happy Harbor High School, and made fast friends with Wendy Harris. However, they got into the habit of shoplifting. Rocket joined the cheerleading squad, with a little push from Megan and Karen Beecher. Megan's life hadn't changed that much, but she did get a new haircut.

Zatanna and her father were moving back to Happy Harbor. While their house was getting ready, Zatara went to the Watchtower. So, Zatanna decided to got to a local bar. There, she met a guy named Lucas Carr. They had the same interests, and hit it off instantly. Suddenly, they were making out!

Meanwhile, Artemis and Wendy were out on a "shopping" spree. Artemis was eyeing some sunglasses, while Wendy took a liking to a magenta scarf. Then, as Artemis was about to "pay" for the glasses, she saw Megan. They exchanged conversation, and said they'd see each other at school tomorrow. Ten, Arteis and Wendy walked out.

"Nice shades," Wendy said.

"Thanks, nice scarf," Artemis replied, putting on the sunglasses.

The next morning, Zatanna saw Megan at the entrance to Happy Harbor High.

"Hey," she said.

"Hi," Megan replied, "she's really dead isn't she?"

"Yeah. I've just never heard anyone say it," Zatann replied, as they walked inside.

Zatanna's, Megan's rocket's, and Artemis' first period was English.

"I hear there's this hot new teacher," Rocket said.

"Hmm," Artemis thought.

"Welcome class, to yours and my first day of school," said an eerily familiar voice to Zatanna.The teacher turned around, and said, "Holy crap." He was looking right at Zatanna. The whole class turned. Luckily, her phone recieved a text at that moment.

"Um, sorry. Forgot to turn it off," she said, checking it. Then, she gasped and whispered,"Cassie?!" It was from a blocked number, and said this:


Maybe he fools around with all his subordinates. A lot of guys do. Just ask your dad.

-XO cAssie