"Megan." a voice said.

"Cassie?!" Megan asked.

"You think it's over, but it's not. You have to keep on finding the truth," Cassie told her. Then, she opened the window and stepped through it.

"Megan, wake up," Zatanna said.

"What?" Megan asked.

"We've gotta talk to Di- Robin, about hacking Wendy's phone," Zatanna told her. "Have you had this window open all night?"

"What?" Megan asked. It was the same window Cassie opened in her dream.

"So, do you think you can hack it?" asked Artemis.

"Do you even need to ask?" he replied. "It'll take some time, though."

"Take as much time as you need," Zatanna said.

Then, they walked into Cassie's room. Zatanna picked up a doll, but accidentally dropped it. A secret compartment opened up, and folded up pieces of papers fell out, along with a thumb drive. Artemis unfolded the papers.

"Oh my God," she said.

"They're messages," Megan said.

"Scared yet? You should be, bitch," Rocket read.

"You think you're safe on the outside, but you're not when I'm on the inside," Megan read.

"Next time it'll be your face, not this pumpkin," Artremis read.

"Guys, these sound like-" Zatanna began. Artemis unfolded a part of the message she read, and there was a dash with the letter A by it.

"I always wondered why the A in cassie was capitalized when Wendy sent us text," Rocket said.

"You know what this means, don't you? Wendy was targeting Cassie before all of us!" Zatanna said.

"But what's on this thumbdrive?" Megan asked.

So, they stuck it in a laptop. A slideshow of videos popped up.

"Let's just go in order," Zatanna said.

Cassie appeared on the screen. She was wearing a brown jacket.

"That's Conner's!" Megan exclaimed.

"Wanna see more? I know you want to," Cassie said.

"If the girls knew I was seeing you, they would not stop talking about it."

"I wish they were more mature, but..."

"We don't have a lot of time. I have to get back before they wake up."

"I know you wanna kiss me," Cassie said. The camera turned, and Red Arrow was in it.

"Oh my God!" Artemis said.

"Come closer," he said. Then, the camera fell, and there are signs of a struggle. Then, Cassie's hand is in the camera angle, groping the leaves, before going limp.

"Does this mean Red Arrow killed her?" asked Rocket.