250px-Mount Justice


It was all a normal night for high school students Megan Morse, Artemis Crock, Zatanna Zatara, and Raquel, A.K.A. Rocket. They were having a sleepover at Mount Justice. But their friend Cassie hadn't shown up yet.

"Where could she be?" asked Megan. Just then, the lights turned off, and the door creaked open.

"AHH!" screamed the girls, as Cassie walked in.

"Haha, you guys were soo scared," Cassie teased. She was carrying a bottle of wine.

"You nearly gave us a heart-attack!" exclaimed Artemis.

"Is that wine?" asked Zatanna.

"Yep. Drink up," Cassie said. So, the girls grabbed a glass and tooks some sips.

"Uhh, i feel kinda tired," Zatanna said, blacking out.

When she woke up, Artemis and Rocket were asleep as well, but then woke up.

"Where's Megan and Cassie?" asked Artemis.

"I dunno," Rocket replied.

Then Megan walked in. "I heard a scream," she said.

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