Title Written by Original airdate Production code
Back to the Future Jack September 26th, 2012 (Likely) 301
Seven years after Young Justice: Invasion the League is gone and the Team is ful of new recreuit. Things get tough as now families are involved. It all changes though when war breaks lose.
As Red As Blood Jack TBA 302
Red Devil has been acting strange lately. Nightwing sends Eta Squad to find out what's wrong. Meawhile Gamma Squad goes to stop the League of Shadows from setting off an nuclear bomb. Alpha tries to spy on the Light and Beta with Delta do a duo mission to stop Bane's men from killing the captured Red Manta.
Ressurction Jack TBA 303
Red Manta finds his father alive and wants vengeance. He and Delta go after him. Zeta must go to Mars to stop an incoming fleet of White Martians.
The War Lashes Out Jack TBA 304
The Light begins Phase 15, releasing all DC villains ever known to man to destroy the Earth. All the Squadrons must train for the big battle.
The Bigger They Are Jack TBA 305
Darksied, being released by the Light, wants revenge on Superboy and Supergirl. Delta, Gamma and Epsilon must defend theirselves from him.

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