"It takes everything to become on of the league. One of you has accuracy, speed, agility, perfect strength and eye- to eye accordination. One of you will be one of the leaders.."
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Continuing Young Justice, Young Justice: The Force is the 3rd installment in the Young Justice Franchise. The team is back and one of the team members is being promoted to a Justice League member. They will go through several trials, all to test if they have what is needed to become one of the League.

The TeamEdit

  • Nightwing
  • Beast Boy
  • Kid Flash
  • Robin
  • Superboy
  • Batgirl
  • Bumblebee
  • Miss Martian
  • Blue Beetle


  1. Trials
  2. One For The Team
  3. Wide Open
  4. Angerment issues
  5. Gotham City
  6. Metropolis
  7. Atlantis
  8. Oa
  9. Intel

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