Young Justice: The Next Generation follows Christopher Kent, the son of SUPERMAN and his friends dealing with the pressures of living up to their respective families' expectations, teenage drama, and saving the world.


Who said being the child of a famous superhero was easy??? Christopher Kent would like to know. As the son of Superman and Lois Lane, Chris decides to benefit his Kryptonian powers to the world as Superboy, Prince of Steel. Recruiting friends like Robert "Bobby" Wayne (Son of Batman & Batwoman), Princess Diana Trevor of Themsycria (Daughter of Wonder Woman), Jai West (Son of the Flash), Mitchell Jordan (Son of Green Lantern), and Titania Hall (Daughter of Hawkman & Hawkwoman), while making a new friend in Princess Atlanta Curry of Atlantis (Daughter of Aquaman). They are Young Justice and they are here to save our world.

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