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[[Category:{{{1}}}]] Young Justice: The Mimic Saga is a Young Justice fanfiction series written by Kshiro555 (Wattpad User: Kai-Shiro). It is composed of two parts Young Justice: The Mimic Contingency, which is set between Season One and Two of Young Justice and the ongoing Young Justice: The Titans Convergence, which is set after Season Two.

The series follows the exploits of Mimic AKA Desmond Snyder and his battle against The Light and draws inspiration from DC Comics works like Justice League: Tower of Babel, Injustice: Gods Among Us and Teen Titans (New Earth continuity).

Chapters Edit

The first part of series, Young Justice: The Mimic Contingency, is made up of sixty-seven chapters (re-editing pending) and four story arcs:

'Training', which covers Desmond's training and induction into the Young Justice. 'Exclusion', which revolves around Desmond's struggle to get along with the Young Justice's other members. 'Betrayal', the titular arc in which Desmond learns of Batman's Contingency Plans, meets Vandal Savage and defects to The Light. And the last arc, 'Realization', which follows the remaining Justice League and Young Justice's discovery that things with Desmond may not be as they seem.

Characters Edit

Fanon Characters Edit

Desmond Snyder/Mimic

Kaylanna Lance/Crow

The Team Edit


Kid Flash




Miss Martian


Justice League Edit



Wonder Woman

Martian Manhunter

Red Tornado

Black Canary


Plastic Man


Green Arrow

Captain Marvel



Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Doctor Fate/Zatara

The Light Edit

Vandal Savage

Lex Luthor

Ra's al Ghul

Queen Bee


The Brain

Injustice League Edit

Count Vertigo

Black Adam

Poison Ivy

Atomic Skull



Ultra Humanite

Young Justice: The Mimic Contingency Edit

Young Justice: The Titans Convergence Edit

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