This article, Young Justice: Shades of Gray, is property of Shade234.

Young Justice: Shades of Gray is a fanon series written by Shade234.

Logline Edit

Coming soon...

Episodes Edit

The episodes are still in "production".

Title Written by Original air date Production code
"Black and White" Shade234 TBA 101
After moving to Gotham City, Terra Rose discovers secrets about her past that even she didn't know.
"Red and Blue" Shade234 TBA 102
Jason May, the newest member of the Team, is struggling with the revelation of a family member he never knew. Meanwhile, Fire and Shade dig deeper in the League of Shadows.
"Green and Gold" Shade234 TBA 103
Wonder Girl and Beast Boy know Jason is hiding something and decide to investigate.
"Light and Dark" Shade234 TBA 104

Terra and Mason visit a run-down library, and discover what lies in the dark. Meanwhile, Jason and Cassie's "relationship" reaches a new light.

"Secrets and Lies" Shade234 TBA 105

A new secret society is uncovered. Can Jason, Terra, Mason, Cassie, and Garfield defeat them?

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