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Young Justice Quest is a new Young Justice series made by Paperluigi ttyd. It revolves around the New Team battling the New Light as the Light tries to setup a new plan to destroy the Justice League.


The Team, now consisting of Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy, Artemis, Miss Martian, Rocket, and the real Red Arrow, must stop an unkown threat that is the New Light.



New TeamEdit

Justice LeagueEdit

Minor CharactersEdit


New LightEdit

  • L1 - Vandal Savage
  • L2 - Ra's a Ghul
  • L3 - Lex Luthor
  • L4 - Queen Bee
  • L5 - Ocean Master
  • L6 - The Brain
  • L7 - Klarion
  • L8 - rumored to be Slade
  • L9 - rumored to be Sinestro
  • L10 - rumored to be Imperiex
  • L11 - rumored to be Darkseid
  • L12 - rumored to be Felix Faust
  • L13 - rumored to be Circe
  • L14 - rumored to be Composite Man

New Light's OperativesEdit

  • Sportsmaster
  • Cheshire
  • Riddler
  • Killer Frost
  • Gorilla Grodd
  • Amazons
  • Count Vertigo
  • Black Manta
  • General Immortus
  • Madame Rouge
  • Billy Numerous
  • The Director
  • Bane
  • Joker
  • Mr. Freeze
  • The Penguin


Season 1Edit

Title Written by Original air date Production code
Don't Look Into the Light, Part 1 Paperluigi ttyd TBA 101
The Light activates a new plan to destroy the Justice League from within. The first step, destroy the Team at it's source, the Cave. Can the Team, with the help of some new friends, fend of Riddler, Sportsmaster, Chesire, and Killer Frost?
Don't Look Into the Light, Part 2 Paperluigi ttyd TBA 102
Having being kicked out of the Cave, the Team is attacked on their way to the Watch Tower by Queen Bee and the Brian; Vandal Savage, Klarion, and Ra's a Ghul take over the Cave and use it as a new base of operations; Lex Luthor and Ocean Master attack Atlantis.
Planning Paperluigi ttyd TBA 103
Superboy, Robin, and Kid Flash head to Project Cadmus to find Guardian, and more importantly the real Roy Harper. When they discover that Cadmus is working on a new project that has something to do with Kobra Venom and the Helmet of Fate, can the three heroes and their lost friend found escape Cadmus alive
Argument Paperluigi ttyd TBA 104
With two Red Arrows on the Team, a debate begins over which one should stay. With the original wanting the other to leave, and most of the rest of the team wanting them both, will Speedy and Rex Arrow be able to exist together?
Disaster Paperluigi ttyd TBA 105
When the gang goes on a mission to stop Sportsmaster and Cheshire from infiltrating the White House in order to find records on Cadmus, they are ambushed by Slade. Can they stop Slade from setting Washington D.C. ablaze while also stopping the infiltration mission
Rescue Paperluigi ttyd TBA 106
The gang recieves a distress signal from Garth and Tula that Lex Luthor and Ocean Master have attacked Atlantis. After wondering why the message took so long to arrive, the head to Atlantis, only to be attacked by Black Manta. Can the Team stop Black Manta, rescue Garth and Tula, and escape Atlantis before they are destroyed by Luthor and Ocean Master?
Network Paperluigi ttyd TBA 107
Gorilla Grodd infiltrates the team's telepathic communications network and figures out that they are going to stop a planned deilvery of Kobra Venom to Felix Faust, so he ambushes them and stops the delivery. The next morning, the Team wakes up in the wrong bodies, Robin and Kid Flash have switched, Superboy and Aqualad have switched, Miss Martian and Rocket have switched, Artemis and Zatanna have switched, and Beast Boy and Blue Beetle have switched. Can they gang find Gorilla Grodd and make him reverse these effects?
Gravity Paperluigi ttyd TBA 108
The Team recieves help from Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and even Guy Gardner when Sinestro attempts to hijack a spaceship going on a mission to the moon that is supposed to set up a moon base. Can the Team get onto the ship and stop Sinestro before he takes control of the it?
Watching Paperluigi ttyd TBA 109
Having secured the base on the Moon, and the cave, the original Light members set their sights on the Watch Tower. They wait until the Team leaves to go to Earth to stop the Amazons from stealing a shipment of parts to Professor Ivo, and then they attack from the inside and the outside. Can they stop the Amazons, and can the League stop the Light from taking the Watch Tower?
Visitor Paperluigi ttyd TBA 110
Superboy, Wolf, and the Genosphere go on a mission with Superman to stop Lex Luthor, but when they arrive at Metropolis, they discover that they will not be fighting Luthor, but Darkseid. Can Superman and Superboy work together to stop Darkseid from permanently staying in this world?
Prophecy Paperluigi ttyd TBA 111
With Robin on a mission with Batman, Aqualad helping Aquaman, and Kid Flash, Artemis, Miss Martian, and Superboy on a different mission, the Red Arrows, Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, Zatanna and Rocket attempt take back the Cave from Vandal Savage and Klarion, only to be captured. When they discover that the Light is planning something involving The Helmet of Fate, can they use the power of the Helmet to escape, or better yet, to kick out the Light?
Mysteries Paperluigi ttyd TBA 112
Having recaptured the Cave and reunited at last, the Team decides to infiltrate the Light by disguising themselves as their operatives. With Robin posing as Riddler, Kid Flash psoing as Count Vertigo, Aqualad posing as Black Manta, Superboy posing as Sportsmaster, Artemis posing as Chesire, and Miss Martian posing as Killer Frost, can the Team find out what the Light is planning without getting caught, and can they finally discover who the Light is?
Intelligence Paperluigi ttyd TBA 113
The Team goes on a mission to stop Madame Rouge and General Immortus, two of the Brian's servants, from intercepting and decoing a package being sent from the United States to Rhelasia. Can the Team, with the help of the Doom Patrol, steal the package before the two servents can deliver it to Ra's al Ghul?
Inside: Project Arrow Paperluigi ttyd TBA 114
While on a mission, Lex Luthor kidnaps the original Speedy on order to create a new, more-advanced clone. Can the Team infiltrate Cadmus and rescue Speedy, as well as find out the secondary goal behind the project?
Duplication Paperluigi ttyd TBA 115
The Team finds themselves in a battle with Billy Numerous, a self-cloning super villain. Can they stop him before he distracts them long enough for Vandal Savage to recollect the Helmet of Fate?
Goldmine Paperluigi ttyd TBA 116
After a time travel accident, the gang is sent 500 years into the future where they meet Booster Gold. In an alternate universe, Booster Gold is sent 500 years back in time where he meets the team. Can the two different universes work together stop Klarion and Felix Faust from keeping the time out of balance?
Direction Paperluigi ttyd TBA 117
After the Director escapes into the present as a result of the merging of four times and two universes, the Team must stop him from assassinating the President. While Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Blue Beetle, Miss Martian, Artemis, and Zatanna are occupied in DC, can Superboy, the Red Arrows, Rocket, and Beast Boy stop Imperiex from stealing a nuclear reactor core delivery?
Downfall Paperluigi ttyd TBA 118
After the Team succesfully faked the President's death, they form a plan to expose President Lex Luthor as the evil man that he is, but in order to do so the gang must first stop their toughest challenge yet, get past Composite Man. Can they stop Composite Man and execute their plan to expose Luthor?
Illusion Paperluigi ttyd TBA 119
Kid Flash, Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, Artemis, and Miss Martian go on a mission to stop Count Vertigo from destroying Happy Harbor, but when they discover that is is just a diversion so that The Brian, Monsiuer Mallah, Genneral Immortus, and Madame Rouge can attack the Cave from the outside, and Ra's al Ghul, Sportsmaster, Chesire, and Riddler can attack from the Watch Tower, they have to to defeat Vertigo and return. Can they complete their mission and return with enough time to save the Cave from its destruction?
Inside Man Paperluigi ttyd TBA 120
Aqualad, Robin, and Kid Flash discuss the possibility of their being another mole on the Team. When they tell the Team, it causes the Team to break apart. Can they find all the members of the Team and regroup all before Vandal Savage and Bane make it to Santa Prisca to upgrade their Cobra Venom in Viper Venom and Mamba Venom?
Assembly Paperluigi ttyd TBA 121
With the team reunited and no other place to go, the Team decides to listen in on the Justice League Convention going on at the Hall of Justice. When most of the League leaves to stop Joker, Mr. Freeze, and the Penguin, can the Team convince Booster Gold and Captain Marvel to let them snoop around the Hall of Justice. Can they discover what they are looking for, and stop a siege by the Light on the Hall, all beofre the League returns?
Deception Paperluigi ttyd TBA 122
After being captured in a battle by Sinestro and Slade, the Team finds themselves in a prisong for heroes similar to Arkham. Will they attempt to escape as Sinestro and Slade planned, or will they realize that there is more than meets the eye with this Arkham-like prison?
Pros and Cons Paperluigi ttyd TBA 123
After escaping Slade and Sinestro's virtual prison, the Team has a choice to make: fight Slade or Sinestro, or get more time on their side, but eventually fight both. Can they deal with whatever choice they make?
Insanity Paperluigi ttyd TBA 124
Ra's al Ghul, who is still in Atlantis, recieves a shipment of the Starro-Tech from Vandal Savage in order to create an Atlantian Army. Can the Team sneak into Atlantis through the Zeta Beams and team up with Lagoon Boy, Garth, and Tula in order to stop Ghul, or will they have to fight a much stronger enemy instead?
Impossibilities Paperluigi ttyd TBA 125
The Team goes on a mission to intercept what may possibly the final shipment of necesary items. This time, they have to stop a truck load of Belle Reve collars from reaching The Brain. Can they stop the delivery and Professor Ivo's latest creation, the AMAZO Mark II?
Termination Paperluigi ttyd TBA 126
With every part of the Light's plan in place; the Viper Venom and Mambe Venom added to Starro Tech, an Atlantian Army being controlled with the Starro Tech, the League locked up in Belle Reve and Felix Faust in possession of the Helmet of Fate; the must must face it's toughest battle yet: defeat every member of the Atlantian Army, liberate the Watch Tower, and free the Justice League. Can the Team, with the help of Batgirl, Lagoon Boy, and Wonder Girl, complete their mission while escaping constant attacks by the member of the Light?

Season 2Edit

Title Written by Original air date Production code
Perfection, Part 1 Paperluigi ttyd TBA 201
Perfection, Part 2 Paperluigi ttyd TBA 202
Mistakes Paperluigi ttyd TBA 203
Sixteen Hours Paperluigi ttyd TBA 204
This episode is supposed to be a pun of the show 24 as the "events take place in a period of 16 hours"
Shockwave Paperluigi ttyd TBA 205
Eruption Paperluigi ttyd TBA 206
Broken Arrow Paperluigi ttyd TBA 207