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Young Justice: New Generation is a fanon series written by Gilgamesh347 and focuses on a new team of teenage superheroes after the original team is all grown up and has joined the Justice League.


The GroupEdit

  • Sparrow/Michael Grayson-The sixteen-year old leader of The Group, and Robin's son.
  • Cupid/Patricia West-The fifteen-year old assistant leader of the Group, and Kid Flash's and Artemis's daughter.
  • Blue-A mysterious figure who joined the team for unknown reasons. Not much is known about him/her.
  • Ellament/Ella Cquaero-A fourteen-year old girl who was recruited out of an orphanage.
  • Brute/Barry/Kyz'lak'mgan-A 53-year old alien who is equivalent to a seventeen-year old based on his species physiology.
  • Lady Luck/Fortuna/Lucy Morello-A sixteen-year old girl who joined the team for reasons only known to her and the Justice League.

Other CharactersEdit

  • Alice/Alice Liddell-A ten-year old girl who is in-training so that she may join the team in the future.


  • The Illuminati-The main supervillain team with whom The Group is tasked with taking down.
  • The Voydalons-An alien race who are antagonistic towards The Group.