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Young Justice: Masters is the tentative title of a new series by Paperluigi ttyd. Not much is known about it and the series will be written on a "when-I-have-time" basis, as the creator has many other things to do on other wikis, off-Wikia, and others. Episodes can be expected about once a week starting in mid-March. A two-part series premiere is scheduled for Friday, February 22, 2013.

The TeamEdit

  • Impulse, Bart Allen
  • Cyborg, aka Victor Stone
  • Raven, aka Rachel Roth
  • Beast Boy, aka Garfield Logan
  • Blade, aka Trent Law
  • Phase, aka Juliette Roux
  • Wire, aka David Young


Title Written by Original air date Production code
Blackout Paper February 22, 2013 101
Color Wars Paper Febraury 22, 2013 102

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