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Young Justice: Just Us is a fanon-series written by JAYZICE, ZeroSaberX, and Firestormblaze. It is also referred to as the fourth season of the series, Young Justice. The show was only supposed to have three seasons, but the writers, producers, and crew made leftover episodes, which were made for Season 3. But due to the rough scheduling, there could only be 50 episodes in each season, and there were 42 episodes left over. So Greg Weisman, one of the creators of the show, announced on Twitter that there will be a fourth season of Young Justice. Since Carttoon Network announced that DC Nation shows wouldn't be back on until January, These episodes are still in production.

Logline Edit

It's 2017, and The Team is preparing for new members, new enemies, and the war between the villains and the heroes. Can they save the world from ultimate destruction?

Episodes Edit

The episodes are still in "production". They will not be released until January, 2013.

Title Written by Original air date Production code
"Fire And Ice" JAYZICE January 4, 2013 101
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"Killer Instinct" JAYZICE January 11, 2013 102
"In Your Dreams, Part 1" JAYZICE January 18, 2013 103
"In Your Dreams, Part 2 A Wikia contributor February 1, 2013 104
"When In Rome" Firestormblaze February 8, 2013 105
When In Rome
While on a mission in Rome to find and capture the criminal known as SwordsMan, Firestormblaze soon finds out that it is more than what he signed up for.
"Old Friends, New Enemies" ZeroSaberX February 12, 2013 106
February 14, 2013 107

Characters Edit

Production Edit

These are crew members who helped film this season. More to come soon.