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Young Justice: Darkness
Season one title card darkness
Young Justice Season 3


Animation, Action-Adventure


Procedural Drama

Created By


Written By


Voices of

Cameron Bowen
Lacey Chabert
Stephanie Lemelin
Jesse McCartney
Danica McKellar
Nolan North
Khary Payton
Jason Spisak
Mae Whitman

Country of Origin

United States

No. of Episodes


Young Justice: Darkness  is the fanfiction third season of Young Justice.


Main CharactersEdit





Miss Martian


Wonder Girl




Beast Boy



Lagoon Boy

Blue Beetle



Recurring CharactersEdit


Red Arrow



Jason Todd

Donna Troy


Stephanie Brown

Cissie King-Jones

Wendy Harris

Bette Kane


The Light:

  • Vandal Savage
  • Klarion
  • Lex Luthor
  • Queen Bee
  • Ra's Al Ghul
  • Brain
  • Black Manta



Icicle Junior





Ocean Master


Monsieur Mallah

Logline Edit

Coming soon...

Episodes Edit

It is known that this season will be twenty-three episodes. All titles have been released.

Title Written by Original air date Production code
"Illusion" Shade234 4/13/2014 301
The Team faces a surprising new enemy!
"Grave" Shade234 4/13/2014 302
Dark times of the past are revealed Halloween night; Tim finds out that nothing remains buried forever.
"Paradise" Shade234 4/19/2014 303
Wonder Girl goes to Themyscira after receiving a call from an old friend.
"Bride" Shade234 4/26/14 304
After many setbacks, Rocket's wedding is finally going to take place. But her friends and teammates won't be the only ones in attendance...
"Arrow" Shade234 5/03/14 305
Artemis is about to stop a bank robbery, when she gets beaten to it by a young girl- a girl who reminds her of herself.
"Breakout" Shade234 5/10/14 306
The Light orchestrates a prison breakout of Belle Reve in order to retrieve their associates and operatives.
"Crash" Shade234 5/17/14 307
An alien ship crashes near Happy Harbor. When the Team investigates, they find a young woman who has come to Earth looking for them.
"Suspicion" Shade234 5/24/14 308
Wendy Harris grows suspicious over her friends Conner Kent, Megan Morse, and Karen Beecher. Likewise, Bette Kane begins to question Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon. The two girls determined to find out what secret their friends are hiding.
"Black" Shade234 6/1/14 309
Artemis and Nightwing follow a lead regarding the mysterious man in black.
"Reversal" Shade234 6/8/14 310
The Team faces off with someone they never expected to see again!
"Order" Shade234 9/13/14 311
Zatanna turns to a new friend Rachel in order to use magicks to release her father from Doctor Fate.
"Outlaws" Shade234 9/20/14 312
Suspected of murder, Arsenal is on the run and soon makes an alliance with the Red Hood. While trying to clear his name, Arsenal discovers he and Red Hood have more in common than they care to admit.
"Crippled" Shade234 9/27/14 313
Batgirl has her most dangerous encounter with the Joker yet- one that will change her life forever!
"Oracle" Shade234 10/04/14 314
Barbara struggles with finding a way to maintain her role on the Team. Tim makes friends with a young girl in Gotham.
"Clues" Shade234 10/11/14 315
Tim, Stephanie, Cassie, Bart, Cissie, and Gar investigate Cluemaster and his connection to the Light.
"Ravager" Shade234 10/18/14 316
Deathstroke's daughter, Rose, arrives to the fray and fights against her father, the Light, and the Team.
"Unsafe" Shade234 10/25/14 317
Bette Kane's attraction to Nightwing grows to dark boundaries.
"Genesis" Shade234 11/02/14 318
Donna Troy gets more danger during her deep cover mission with the Furies. The Team joins forces with the New Gods.
"Fear" Shade234 11/09/14 319
Jason Todd and the Team relive their greatest fears as they face off against the Scarecrow.
"Chaos" Shade234 11/16/14 320
The Team faces off against G. Gordon Godfrey, who reveals to the world about the coming darkness.
"Apocalypse" Shade234 11/23/14 321
Apokolips is coming on a collision course with the Earth, and when it hits, the world will be shrouded in darkness by the ultimate ruler!
"Future" Shade234 11/30/14 322
The Team is sent forty years into the future by the New Gods. They must defeat Darkseid here and now, or it will be the end of everything!
"End" Shade234 12/06/14 323
The Team faces their final encounter with Darkseid!

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