Season 3 takes place 3 years later after the events of Invasion new members of The Team such as, Mia Darden/ Speedy, Bart Allen/ Kid Flash, Kar-El/ Supergirl, Damian Wayne/ Robin, Tim Drake/ Red Robin, Rose Wilson/ Ravager, Rachel Roth/ Raven, Victor Stone/ Cyborg, Koriand'r/ Starfire, Barbra Gordon/ Oracle, Virgil Hawkins/ Static, Richard Foley/ Gear, and Cassandra Cain/ Batgirl


  • A New Begining Part 1
  • A New Begining Part 2
  • Assasian
  • The Society Part 1
  • The Society Part 2
  • The Outlaws (Dick Grayson, Roy Harper, and Artemis Crock episode)
  • Or Not To Be
  • The Dark War
  • A Knight's Son
  • When World's Collide
  • Out There
  • Return in the Family (Jason Todd and Wally West episode)
  • This is It
  • All Ends Well (will be epilouge to series)

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