The next day, the girls were walking in the halls, when Bette Kane walked up to them. Without her shades and stick.

"Hey girls. I wanted to invite you to my birthday party." she said, handing them invitations.

"Bette, what the heck is this? What happened to being blind for protection?" asked Artemis.

"I feel a lot safer when I'm in charge of what happens to me," Bette said, walking away.

"I can't go," Artemis said. "I'm helping my mom do a fundraiser for cleaning up Gotham Cemetary."

"I can't go either." M'gann said. "I'm helping La'gaan."

Raquel was working at Bibbo's diner. As she was clearing tables, she saw a girl and a boy who's hairstyles looked familiar....

Raquel was in a car. The driver was blonde, wearing a red coat and black gloves. She turned around and was..... no one. Raquel couldn't remember. But she did remember seeing the boy somewhere.

She was in Bibbo's diner. There was a kid's maze in front of her, next to a note saying "I'm Sorry I Left You". Raquel looked around. She saw a boy with blonde hair cut short. It looked like.....

"Kaldur?!" She said to herself. "But who was the driver?"

Artemis was walking through Happy Harbor. There was a poster on a pole, saying, REWARD with a picture of Cassie under it, and under that was $50,000 For Information Leading To The Recovery of Cassandra Sandsmark's remains. Please contact Dinah Lance, Star City.


Artemis got a text. "Imagine what I could do with 50 grand. -cAssie." Artemis read.

Zatanna was sitting next to M'gann in the cave.

"So....are we going to Bette's party?" she asked.

"We have to find out if she knows anything," M'gann said.

"Oh, by the way, how's La'gaan?" Zatanna asked.

"He's good. Exploring the surface world," M'gann told her.

"Are you two?" Zatanna began.

"I dunno. Maybe?" M'gann replied.

Later Zatanna was going through the cave. She noticed a black bag with an R insignia on it. Knowing she shouldn't do it, Zatanna opened the bag. In it was wads of money! "How did he get all this?" Zatanna asked herself.

Bette was having her birthday party at Bibbo's Diner. And Raquel had to work the party.

"Hi, Raquel." Bette said. "You enjoying the party?"

"Yeah. You look really pretty, Bette." Raquel said, trying to be nice.

"Thanks," she replied, turning around.

Raquel recognized her hairstyle. Bette was the one driving the car!

Zatanna and Robin arrived at the party.

"Hi! So happy you could make it!" Bette said. "Oh, Zatanna, who's your ....friend."

"I'm," Robin began.

"He's taken." Zatanna said. "Here's your present."

"Thanks," Bette said, opening it. It was a necklace.

Raquel walked up to Zatanna.

"I was with Bette that night," she whispered.

"What?!" Zatanna exclaimed.

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