Xenonians are a species of Humanoid Aliens that are described as the "intellectually superior cousins" of the Kryptonians, their knowledge was so profound that they managed to hold their planet Xenon out against a war with its more capable celestial brother: Krypton, Xenonians were also wise enough to form colonies outside of their Star system so that when the star Rao exploded their entire species didn't risk going extinct.


Relationship with KryptoniansEdit

Ever since ancient times the Xenonians have always been essentially knowledge seekers and their very way of life was threatened when the barbaric Kryptonians under the gaze of the then yellow sun Rao, invaded Xenon with the intent of strengthening their hold on the star system and to expand their nation's level of influence into the galaxy proper. Xenonians were somewhat weaker physically than the Kryptonians, however they tricked the Kryptonians into exhausting their forces and committed resources to trapping and ambushing the Kryptonians with superior numbers, Xenonian military technology soon became enhanced enough to harm a Kryptonian by sapping them of their strength and then projecting that energy back at them.

The War carried on for many decades and neither side gained ultimate victory on Xenon, although the advantage was firmly in the hands of the Xenonians, the Kryptonians had stamina to spare and thus continued continuously with their attacks upon the planet until losses began to pile up on both sides. Eventually the leaders of Xenon and Krypton came together to speak diplomatically, although weaker than the Kryptonians the Xenonians became respected by their rivals for their own physical strength and strength of will, likewise the surprising intellect and technology of the Kryptonians gained the respect of the Xenonians whom welcomed peace talks on even terms. After many decades, the war ended.

Known Xenonians:Edit

Powers and Abilities:Edit

  • Heightened Strength - A Xenonian has strength many times greater than an ordinary human, however their strength can only match up to a Kryptonian for a limited amount of time.
  • Super Speed - A Xenonian has speed on par and slightly faster than a Kryptonian, with concentration they have been seen to be faster than Kryptonians.
    • Teleportation - A Xenonian moves so fast that they can enter dimensional "short cuts", making it seem as though they are teleporting from place-to-place.
  • Super Agility - Xenonians are far more agile than Kryptonians, jumping over and dodging even Kryptonians with ease; they can jump, climb, glide and run great distances with no apparent exhaustion.


  • Xenon is an element in the Periodic Table, it is near to the symbol representing Krypton.

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