Location Limbo Town
Leader Judah Paine

The Witch-men are the inhabitants of Limbo Town.


In New England during the late 1600s, a small society utilized powerful magic, and worshiped mystical figures, such as Morgaine le Fey.

These magicians came to be feared and hated by the greater population, and so their reverend, Algernon Paine, lead his people to a pocket dimension he constructed, in which the could pursue their way of life without external prejudice. The community they constructed was named Limbo Town. Over the centuries, the people gradually seceded from humanity, becoming more integrated with magical species, such as elves or fairies.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Witch-men greatly resemble the humans they are descended from. The greatest distinctions are pale skin, black eyes, and noticably thin physiques. They also tend to have high-pitched voices.


Sorcery is the heart of Witch-man culture; children begin magical education as early as toddlerhood, and it plays a constant role in everyday life. Traditions and rituals are taken very seriously.

At an unidentified time and means, a witch-boy or girl receives and is bonded to a familiar, which assumes the form of an animal best suited to it's master's inner self.

The witch-men hold a unique outlook: they find all things dreary, grim and macabre to be delightful, and are repulsed by anything bright or cheerful.

Notable Witch-menEdit

  • The Paine family
  • The Bleak family
  • Phineas Scroggs

Background in other mediaEdit

  • In DC comics, the residents of Limbo Town were originally the population of Roanoke Island which mysteriously disappeared in the late 16th century.

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