Is the second fanfic episode of Heroes the evil within.


While the other are practicing Tigress meet again with the old lady


April 11 12:00 PM At the gargoyle's top
At a the top of a rooftop Robin lll and Batman are training "what's the matter you tired." Robin lll said with a smile. "nope." Batman smiled and kick him off the rooftop. "I think you just lose" Batman said. "okay you win" safely falling down on a car's top using a Robin's grappling hook.
Watch Tower
April 11 10:00 PM Training Room
2 Hours earlier........ (turning to a panther) "you can't beat me."  "yes i can." Miss Martian said. (Throwing objects in his surounding.) "miss me,that was close" Beast boy said. "if you fall down you lose if i fall down i lose" Miss Martian said with a smile. (Beast boy pounce on her then turning back to normal) "i guess i lose." Miss Martian said."you ow me a pizza."
Mt. Justice
April 11 11:06 Around the globe
1 Hour pass.........  Ready Set Go" The Flash said. "Im gonna beat you." Kid flash said.(Running Pass the streets,city,gotham,water....etc) "im first" flash said. "okay but next time im gonna win" Kid Flash said.
April 11 12:30 Gotham streets
"Who wrote this mail probbably someone Evil" Tigress said. "It say's  wait here in the corner in the chair with a lamp." Tigress said. suddenly the old woman appear  "Hello we meet again" the old lady said "i offer you a gift" The old lady said. "No thanks but it's yours" Tigress said "ahh good manners. You already claim it since you brought my bag back" the old lady said "Tonight will be the night something great will happen"The old lady said. Tigress is puzzled by her word.
somwhere in the city
April 12 8:00 AM Artemis's house
"Wake up! Babe." "huh?" artemis said. shock that his room is fixed book shelf is clean and Wally was right beside her. "is this a dream" suddenly being kissed by wally "it's not when you feel it" wally said. "Wally" she said "yep breakfast is ready babe" he said. Artemis and Wally go to the table and sit. "but i tought your dead" she said "yep.while im dead i think some old lady is the last thing i saw when i was in your room" he said "But your dead" she said he pinch her. "but why did you pinch me" she said "because of 2 reason 1.If this is your dream you couldn't feel it 2.if you feel it it means that  im alive" he said. "Let's go to The Team" she said "You caught what i want to say" he said 
MT. Justice
April 12 10:00 AM Mission room
Recognize kid flash B-21   malfunction! there is already a kid flash inside! sytem alarm! alert! alert!.    "I forgot bart is the new kid flash" Tigress said. all zeta-tube locked! "Now how do we get inside" Tigress said. "Just calm down they will find out soon" Wally said. Batman came out of the zeta tube.......

to be continued......................or  will it let's find out in mark of disapproval?



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