Camilla Bryant is a young and powerful sorceress. She is spiteful, angry and wickedly cunning. She will do anything and everything in her power to ruin Luke Charmes life. She is his Ex-Girlfriend.

Alias Vex, Witch, Cam
Age(2016) 20
Species Human/Sorceress

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Camilla is a powerful sorceress. She has mastered the black art of sorcery, becoming powerful enough to challenge even some of the strongest sorcerers. Vex can project powerful bolts of mystical force, fly, travel between dimensions, change shape and cast a wide range of spells. Her magical aura prevents her mind from being read. She can absorb the souls and powers of other beings, transfer her soul into other bodies, and even direct the course of her own reincarnation. She is also a decent hand to hand combatant, augmented by a gauntlet created for her by a techno-sorceror. This gauntlet increases her strength and her powers.

Vex spell

She was taught basic hand to hand combat by her teacher, Harrow.


Vex is very spiteful and angry over Luke Charme dumping her and flirting with an "Amature irish witch". This anger and jealousy can be easily exploited as her powers require great control and getting angry or jealous makes them weaker. Destroying her Gauntlet would take away her enhanced strength, and also weaken her powers.

Vex in Combat

Samantha O'Brady is actually her biggest nemesis, as they are both deepy infatuated with Luke Charme

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