Hello. Before I begin I would like to introduce myself. My name is paperluigi ttyd, but you can call me Paper. I am a new user here, but I was asked to join after previously finding 2 other Young Justice Fanon Wikis. I'm here to create my series and help get this wiki going with a good, clean structure.

Please take a moment to visit the Page Naming Guidelines for this wiki. Please be sure to follow these guidelines and any other new guidelines that will be posted.

Here are a list of some other things that I can help setup:

  • Newsletter
  • Forums
  • Templates
  • Categories

I will also help clean-up this wiki by adding stub tags to short pages.

Hope to see you around.

P.S.: I use chat, but I can't talk to people if no one is on. I'm in EDT, which is -4:00 UTC. I will come on to talk and discuss things if there are people on (unless I have a lot of stuff to do).

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