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    Hi guys, MrQuest17 here, with my first blog on this wiki. Today I'll be talking about the possibilities that may lie within Season 3's plot and what I think will be in it, in accordance with the current timeline of the show. Anyway here we go:

    I think this season will mainly be based on the overarching theme of Apokoplypse and will pick up a few months after Invasion, it will involve the team discovering what the Light and Apokolypse' true motives are and will involve these particular plot points:

    • Supegirl's arrival and struggle: I think that one of the new heroes will be Supergirl, who will crash to earth half-way through the season and there will be a plot, with her causing a wedge inbetween Superman and Superboy, mentorwise.
    • Project SM: Pr…

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