• KrspaceT

    Episode_Number Title_for_the_Episode Air_Date Writer Director Plot
    19 Misplaced November 25, 2011 Greg Weisman
    While training with her telepathic powers, Miss Martian accidently swaps the minds of Superboy and Robin into the other
    20 Cold-Hearted December 2, 2011 Jon Weisman Victor Cook The Ice villians escape Bell Reeve and come for revenge
    21 Image December 9, 2011 Nicole Dubuc
    Lex Luthor starts a campaign to ruin Superman's image with Superboy's neglect
    22 Agendas December 16, 2011 Kevin Hopps
    The team finds rumors of The Light as said light reveals their plan
    23 Insecurity 2012 Peter David
    Artemis and Miss Martian swap their secrets during some alone time in between the two
    24 Performance 2012 Jon Weisman
    When a member of the team is injured, Batman g…

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