The Team is back and better than ever. As the months pass by, they learn the Justice League is holding trials for the team- to see which member can become on of the league. The question is..who will become the new Justice League member?


12: 24 P.M, September 7, 2012- MOUNT JUSTICE

Nightwing was in a dark arena, fighting a figure in the dark. The figure tackled him on the ground, slapped Dick's face and punched him in the gut. Nightwing kicked the figure with his two feet on his face, and stood up with a leap. The agile hero grabbed onto a pole in the air, and swung in circles, kicking the figure in the face once again. Nightwing jumped to the ground, and wiped his mouth.

"That...that all you got?" Nightwing gasped, sweating with heat.

A huge light turned on in the arena, revealing the figure to be Superboy.

"I'm just getting started, minor."

Superboy clapped his hands, and Nightwing flew through the air, banging into the wall.

"I...I...I'm not a minor, Conner. I'm one of the team."

Nightwing bolted back onto the stage, took out his metal bar and slammed it into Supes back. He kicked Superboy twice, and punched him numerous times in the chest. Superboy put his hand to Dick's head, and held him back while he was continously punching. Superboy threw a gigantic punch that threw Nightwing through the ceiling. Nightwing fell back down, and crashed through the stage. Grayson coughed with fatigue, and limped back onto the surface. Superboy grabbed Nightwing by the hand and pulled him back up.

"Good fight." Nightwing told Superboy in exaustion.

"Oh...before we go..."

Nightwing bent over so Superboy could whisper in his ear, "Never. Give. Up."

Superboy smashed Nightwing off the stage, flinging him through four different walls. Nightwing wiped his mouth once more, and got up.

"I said it's over, Superboy."

"Couldn't help my-

"I said it's over."

Superboy was about to step off the stage when another light appeared, revealing Superman and Batman.

"Nice job, out there, Superboy." Superman said.

"And yes, you too, Nightwing." Batman stated, looking at Grayson from a far.

"We got the whole thing on recording. Status update files should be back by next week."


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