The Titan is a very deadly weapon that can end the world if built correctly. So far, only one alive person knows how to construct it.

Alive BuildersEdit

  • Mavis Donners - Mavis was given the blueprints from her mother Maria. She was kidnapped and tortured for the blueprints by KAOS. She later torched the blueprints to prevent them from ever being used.

Deceased BuildersEdit

  • Maria Donners - Mavis's mother and one of the inventors of the weapon. She later passed the blueprints to Mavis on her deathbed.
  • Castro Smith - One of the inventors of the weapon. He was killed by Donna Hew for the blueprints.
  • Donna Hew - One of the inventors of the weapon. She went mad with power and tried to steal the blueprints, killing Castro Smith and Danny Donners along the way.
  • Danny Donners- Mavis's father, married to Maria. He was killed by Donna Hew in order to get the blueprints, which he had passed ro Maria.

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