Time Stopper
Johnathan Tyme, the Time Stopper, is a meta-human and a member of the Super-hero team known as The Legends.


Johnathan Tyme, the son of a failing clockworker, was just walking the outskirts of Central City when he was hit by lightning while The Flash was running right past him. Instead of burning to his death, he became able to tap into the Speed Force, and alter time. He decided to use his powers against crime, so that he could clean his father's name.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Johnathan is an average person in almost every way, black hair, caucasian, 5'77" for 175. He has a scar on his chest.

Gears & PowersEdit

Johnathan is able to tap into the Speed Force and alter time. He can travel through time, accelerate or slow down things (including himself and other people), and as his namesake implies, stop time, although it puts a huge strain on his body. His suit was made in the future, and is designed to enhance his powers over time even further.


Johnathan is the third member of The Legends.


Time Stopper : In this episode, Time Stopper travels through time and fights the prehistoric criminal Scarr-Red, and then joins the Legends.



  • He was originally going to be completely different from his current self, as in his "original" origin story, he never met the Flash, he was who is currently his father, he was burned to such a degree that he was wrapped in bandages, and he wore a copper armor. His name was also going to be Clockworks.
  • He is 17.

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