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Lying Game

Series OverwiewEdit

Set in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island, the series is about a girl named Cassie who discovers that she a daughter of the god Zeus, which piques the attention of Donna Troy, protege of the superheroine, Wonder Woman. They meet up, and Donna gives a Glamour Charm to Cassie. She has to pretend to be her in order for Donna to look for the society, the Light, and find information on their new Partner, without the knowledge of her teammates, even the team leader. Initially excited to be taught by Wonder Woman, Cassie soon discovers that Donna and members of the Team have many hidden secrets.


Cassie Sandsmark(Wonder Girl)- Cassie is a fifteen year old girl who has always looked up to Wonder Woman. With her new powers blossoming, she dreams of becoming a hero. But she'll soon discover being a hero isn't all black and white.

Donna Troy(Original Wonder Girl)- Donna is the protege of Wonder Woman. She is friends with many members of the Team, but has many secrets. She knows a lot of things about everyone which they might want hidden.

Tim Drake(Robin)- Tim is the protege of Batman, and the "brother" of Nightwing and Batgirl. He is very serious about his work as a hero.

Barbara Gordon(Batgirl)- One of Donna's closest friends.Barbara is also the protege of Batman. She is the daughter of Gotham City's police commissioner. Barbara is Dick Grayson's old friend from school, and has an attraction to him.

Nightwing(Dick Grayson)- Nightwing is the leader of the Team. He was Batman's first protege. Nightwing and Zatanna have a history.

Bumblebee(Karen Beecher)- One of Donna's friends. Karen is a scientist studying under Dr. Palmer, the Atom. Karen's suit allows her to shrink and fire stings.

Superboy(Conner Kent/Kon-el)- Donna's boyfriend.

Miss Martian(M'gann M'orzz/Megan Morse) Donna's rival.

Impulse(Bart Allen) A hyperactive 15 year-old, Bart soon becomes one of Cassie's close friends.

Blue Beetle(Jaime Reyes) People think Jaime is a little odd. But that's only because he talks to the scarab stuck to his spine.

Episode ListEdit

The episodes are still in "production"

Title Written By Original Air Date Production Code
Secrets TBA 8/11/12 101
After learning that she's the daughter of Zeus, a girl must use her newfound abilities to help a team of young heroes.
Lies TBA 8/11/12 102
Cassie soon learns that her new Teammates are keeping secrets.
Being Cassie TBA TBA 103
Donna learns shocking things about Cassie's past.
Dusk TBA TBA 104
After visiting a graveyard, Tim begins to exhibit strange behavior.

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