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The Robin Legacy is a short series written by ExtremeSSJ4 and Baneares. The series is about each Robin that ever lived and some of their adventures as the Robin.

Chapter ListEdit

Title Written by Original air date Production code
"The Blue Vigilante" ExtremeSSJ4 TBA 101
The story of a young kid named Dick Grayson who got trained by the one and only, Batman. He later became Batman's sidekick known as the Robin! His life as a kid was dangerous and extreme but he learned how to be a hero, a vigilante. A couple of years after been Batman's sidekick, Dick decided it was time to go Nightwing.
"The Hood" ExtremeSSJ4 TBA 102
Jason Todd, the second Robin, the second boy to be trained by Batman and become the new Wonder Boy. Jason is strong and smart but he may be too aggressive to be the Wonder Boy. As he fights crime as Robin, Batman realizes that Jason may not be a good Robin like Dick was. During a mission, Jason disobeys Batman and goes after the Joker. Jason tries to defeat the Joker but is beat up with a crowbar left to die in a house full of explosives...years later he returns as...Red Hood.

"Black and Red"

Baneares TBA 103
Tim Drake, the third robin. Trained with every one and every where. Tim isn't new to being rich, but that doesn't stop him from kicking butt. Never give this kid your computer if you have something to hide, he will find it. There were a lot of expetation being the third boy wonder but he delt with that. After getting a few years under his belt Tim felt it was time to make his own story. He wasn't completly ready though and so he simply changed his costume and his name and so was born....Red Robin
"Wonder Boy" The Anime Watcher TBA 104
This is the story about Batman's son.

Batman discoversed that he has a son and trained him to fight without killing.


  • This series is written by ExtremeSSJ4 and Baneares.

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