Bradley was so exctied, her first mission on the team! Her skills where FINNALY reconized after what seemed like forever. Bradley bearly paid attention to the mission breifing.

"So uh.. whats the mission about again?" Bradley asked. She was in a red jacket, a black t-shirt, black shorts, black combat boots, a red choaker, black fingerless gloves that end at her elbows, and her baseball helmat with the symbol coverd.

"We're supost to search cadmus archives." Aqualad said.

"For what?" Bradley asked.

"Anything important," Artemis said.

"More importantly any signs of the original speedy." Kid flash said.

"This would make the 3rd time some one has checked.. but still we could have missed something the other times.." Robin said.

"Whats with the backpack?" Zatanna asked Bradley.

Bradley opend it up and pulled out a few things, "I keep my mini laptop and a few other things in here." She said putting them back in, the other things where a bag of chips, a water bottle, her batton, and several sets of earplugs.

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