The New Girl is a story series written by Red Canary.


Red Canary: the main character and the neice of Black Canary

Black Canary

Kid Flash

Robin (Dick Grayson)




Miss Martian

Red Tornado

Captian Marvel

Brandon Sheen: Red Canary's best friend who is a big fan of Kid Flash.


Chapter name Writer Writen
"Wanna be" Red Canary 5-19-2012
The team gets a new member who is a little bit diffrent then they thought.
"Trial and Error" Red Canary 5-24-2012
The team goes off on their first mission with the new member, but they don't know how high the stakes really are.
"Back story" Red Canary TBA
Bradley goes to baseballl practice but even that gets interupted.

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