The Misfits are a group of disabled teenage heroes that live and fight crime in Canton, Virgina. They are some of Arctica's best friends and allies.

Kade CovengtonEdit

Kade is an 18 year-old with a photograhic memory and the ex-boyfriend of Arctica (Jayla Carr). He is the twin of Bryce Covengton. He is very serious, realistic, and mature. He has bleach blond hair, tan skin, and light green eyes. He is the leader of the Misfits.

Bryce CovengtonEdit

Bryce is 18. He has the ability of making sonic blasts that can blow up buildings. He is the more fun twin of Kade Covengton. He can be careless and immature at times, but always focuses on his mission when it is needed. Bryce has bleach blond hair, dark blue eyes, and tan skin. He oftens flirts with Serenity without any results,

Serenity DavisEdit

Serenity (Reni) is 17 year old Hispanic time manipulator. She has the ability to slow down or speed up time. Serenity has black curly hair and dark eyes. Serenity is very quiet and calm, except when she's had coffee.

Mystalia BanksEdit

Mystalia (called Mysty) is sixteen. She has the power of making and creating fog, force fields, and being invisible. Mysty has straight, dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She is white. Mysty is quiet and very serious.

Vi-Rose MercedesEdit

Vi-Rose (Vi) is sixteen. She has the ability to change her size. She also has super-strength. She and Serenity are best friends and Vi is the only that can calm Reni down when she's had coffee. Vi has bouncy, curly, brown hair and dark green eyes. She is white Vi is one of those people who adults say is an angel. But because when the adults back is turned, Vi will be the first one pulling a prank.

Genesis StamEdit

Genesis is cocky 15 year old African American with an I.Q. of 200+. She is the Misfits inventor, fixer, and comedian. Genesis has no other powers except for her genius. She is very immature, and usually ends up in detention for the pranks that she pulls at school (along with Bryce and Vi). Genesis reminds the group of how smart she is and they remind her of how many time they've gotten her out of trouble.