"Perfect fit especially since they were yours, you had small hands for a 15 year old boy."


Tame aka Chantel Adams is a Anti hero who belongs to Young Justice. She was abuducted by the Reach and given the power to absorbe memories and powers of other people.

Vital Statistics
Real Name ChantelAdams
Alias Tame
Age 16
Race meta human


Tame was shown to be very hostile and a bit rude because she always had to make a comment on something someone said. She was very stubborn and tended to not stay very loyal to her friends for long no matter how nice or loyal they were to her. She often had a comeback for a lot of things people said. Even because of this she was shown to be fairly smart and a good liar beng able to almost trick Nightwing and being ableofigure out how to elude a friend of hers.


Not much is known abou her history ecept tha she was the daughter of a assassin and that she was abuducted by the Reach to be tested on. When she was epirmented on by the Reach she was used to collect data for the Reach but she soon broke out along with the others.

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