Prepare to taste defeat at the might of Echelon!


Vital Statistics
Real Name Michael Lane
Alias Swordsmaster
Species Human

The Swordsman is a super villan for hire. He currently works with Nemesis and her team, delivering "justice" where it is to be served. He wields Echelon as his primary weapon. A sword once used by great swordsmen before his time.


The SwordsMan is a true brute, with more strength than peace of mind. At least in the current state he's in. Though when around Tundra, his personality becomes like that of an overprotective brother. He rarely shows any signs of panic or distress, and has a great sense of duty.

Physical appearanceEdit


Powers and abilitiesEdit

The Swordsman is an athletic man with no superhuman powers, and is a cunning criminal strategist and highly adept at unarmed combat. He is a phenomenal acrobat, skilled in the use of all bladed weapons.


The Swordsman is a master in the uses of bladed weapons, especially swords, and his main weapon is a sword called Echelon. He also carried various throwing knives and daggers as needed. His costume houses various hidden blades.



Since Tundra is very timid and shy, Swordsman feels that it is his duty to protect her. He refuses to leave her side by any means, and would even give his life for hers. Though he is a villan, this proves that he still has some good in him.


The SwordsMan considers him to be a personal rival, seeing how they are evenly matched in the art of swordsmanship.


The SwordsMan does not fully trust her. He doesn't see the justice in the acts that she commits. He also doesn't seem to like when she has plans that seemingly put Tundra in harms way; being as he truly cares for her safety, even more than his own.


Michael finds Gai to be a very charming fellow, and has no problem with him. Though he wouldn't mind sticking one of his blades through his skin if he goes anywhere near Tundra, while using his powers. Usually Gai is careful around her, in an effort not to get on Michael's bad side, and to please Nemesis with his success on missions. When that fails, he'd better watch his back, because more than a few knives will be in it.



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