Superboy model
Vital Statistics
Real Name Connor Kent
Species Kryptonian Clone
Production Details
First appearance: Young Justice: Heroes of the Future

Superboy (Connor Kent) is a 16 year old male. He is a clone of Superman and the intention of his creation was that if Superman died then Superboy could replace him or if Superman turned evil.


He is often very anger and quick to fight. He also can joke in a scary kind of way.


Kid Flash: Are you gonna help us?

(Superboy squints at KF)

Superboy: It appears I don't have heat vision so I suppose helping's my only option.

Physical appearanceEdit

He looks like a teenage version of Superman. He is quite muscular and has black hair and blue eyes. He sports a black shirt with the famous S sheild in red. He also wears jeans and combat boots.


Powers and abilitiesEdit


Miss Martian


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