Sun Lady
Elena Blaze, the Sun Lady, is a member of the Legends, and one of the main characters of the show bearing the same name.


Elena Blaze was born in 1576, from a Wizard family. As such, she studied Magic arts starting at a very youg age. She then went to a Magic Academy, led by Archmage Talos Ravel. During an archeological excavation in Scottland, Talos found a mantle and a ring that would change his life. He then froze Elena and the other students and professors that were a part of the excavation for over 400 years. When her cristal broke, she was freed, but she wasn't in Scottland. She was in S.T.A.R. Labs, where the scientists gave her a new identity, told her of the world she was in, and gave her a new costume in case she wanted to use her power to help people. That is when she became the Sun Lady.

Physical AppearanceEdit

At a height of 5'8" and a weight of 154 lbs, Elena usually wears a red shirt with a jeans Jacket and pants, and she has Long Red Hair.

Gear & PowersEdit

Elena was trained in the Magic Arts, and is relatively skilled in those. She specialized in Fire spells, but she also uses flight spells, psychic spells and telekinetic spells. Her costume doesn't have any other purpose than hiding her identity.


On her introductory episode, she joins the Legends, led by Rising Falcon. They grew very attached very quickly.


This part will be updated when more episodes of Legends come out.


  • "I am not a with, I am a Mage! There is a huge difference!" (Sun Lady)
  • "No spoilers." (Time Stopper)


  • She is technically the co-founder of the Legends.
  • She is inspired by one of my former DCUO characters, and is named after that character.

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