Solomon Grundy
Vital Statistics
Species Undead human
Production Details
First appearance: "Young Justice: Lunacy"
Voiced by Mark Gibbon

Solomon Grundy is a zombie Beulah Bleak raised from the dead to be her servant.

Physical appearanceEdit

Grundy is a very tall man with pale bluish-gray, decomposing skin, patches of white hair on an otherwise bald head, and eyes that are entirely black, save glowing yellow irises. He has no eyebrows and only a few teeth.

He wears a white collared shirt with many rips in it, dark blue pants, black combat boots, and a large brown overcoat.


As a servant, Grundy shows little personality, but he seems to enjoy fighting, as he smiled when Beulah ordered him to attack Nightwing and Blue Beetle. He is intelligent enough to use strategy.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Super Strength
  • Invulnerability: Being undead, Grundy is not susceptible to pain, and can quickly recover from most injuries.


  • Magic Flail: Grundy sometimes uses a mediaeval flail with an extending chain.

Background in other mediaEdit

  • In the comics, Solomon Grundy was introduced as an enemy of the Green Lantern Alan Scott. In his given backstory, Grundy lived during the late 19th century, as a merchant named Cyrus Gold, who was murdered and had his body thrown into Slaughter Swamp. When he rose again as a zombie, Gold had little memory of who he had been, so he fell into crime. One of the few things Gold could recalled was that he had been born on a Monday, so he named himself after the English nursery rhyme, Solomon Grundy (who was born on Monday.)

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