Solaran 1

Phoebus Sollan is a self proclaimed son of the greek god Apollo.This has never been proven or disproven. As such, he is extremely confident in his own capabilities. He is currently working for Blackpine as their resident heavy hitter. Prior to this he played the electric guitar in a rock band and fought in underground cage matches for extra money.

Alias Phoebus, Solaran
Age (2016) 17
Species Meta-Human (Possible Demi-God)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Aside from being a self proclaimed demi-god, his powers are dependant on the sun. His body behaves like a battery, absorbing sunlight and converting it into energy he can use. This grants him numerous abilities, such as superhuman strength, stamina, near invulnernerability and the ability to generate power heat blasts.

As a side effect of his mysterious origins and powers, heat based attacks against him have limited effects if any, and in fact may actually make him stronger. As he is still relatively young, only time will tell as to whether on not he will discover more abilities. Despite his age, he is a skilled hand to hand combatant and is more than capable of going toe-to-toe with some of the toughest opponents there are.