Skunk Boy
Josh with short hair
Vital Statistics
Real Name Joshua Edmund Burston
Alias Skunk Boy
Species Human
Designation B06[1]
Production Details
Voiced by Mike Erwin

Skunk Boy

Physical appearance Edit

Josh Burston

Josh before cutting his hair.

Josh has pale skin, olive eyes and black hair with a wide streak on the right side of it to match his skunk-like appearance. Initially, Josh had long, messy hair that was never cut, since he never got to the barber shop because of his skunky smell and sometimes parted his long bangs in many styles. However after joining The Team, He cut his hair short almost reaching his nape. He is almost always seen with a lollipop sticking out of his mouth. Five years later, his hair has grown back to how it was initially, though it is still less messy and now straight and much longer and he has grown taller and sleeker.

He wears a high-collared black jacket with the sleeves rolled up over a white tank top, blue baggy pants, black shoes and a black wristband on his left wrist.

Five years later, he now wears a dark gray turtleneck long sleeved shirt, tight-fitting blue pants and black knee-high boots.

Notes Edit

References Edit

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