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Silence is the second episode of the first season of the fanon series The Missing Files, created by VideoGameFan9012.  


  • Red Hood is happier than ever, and whenever that happens, he fights harder, trains harder, and even beats Robin based on agility. Artemis decides not to say anything to try to ruin his happiness.
  • The rest of the Team wonders what made Red Hood so happy.


Gotham City 9:27 PM EST, Five Years Later

CJ was sitting at the dinner table, looking at his laptop as he listened to Wally talk to him through the Skype call. Wally was with Artemis. It was a pleasure to CJ to see his friends....and crush. CJ smiled, put his hands behind his head, and smiled. "So, whatta you doin'?" Wally asked. CJ put a smirk on his face. "Just being lil ol' me." he replied.

Mount Justice 10:27 AM EST, Five Years Earlier

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