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Shira Somaa is a mystery. She has no idea where she is from, or who her family may be. She only knows her name because for some reason it was on the necklace she wears. Aside from that all she knows is that she woke up one day in the Arctic Circle when she was 10, all alone. For some reason she had not frozen or died yet. Unbeknownst to her at the time, She had already developed her meta-human powers. She is always accompanied by her mystical pet ice wolf, whom she named Noran. They have been best friends ever since she woke up in the cold.

Alias(s) Shira, Shard
Age (2016) 19
Species Meta-Human (presumably)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Throughout the span of many years of practice and training, Shira's powers have continued to evolve. Aside from flash-freezing objects and/or opponents, not to mention throwing and shooting ice at them, she also has the ability to instantly conjure up any icey object of hers to act as both a scapegoat and a 'landmine' of sorts as any who touch it instantly flash freeze. Since having met and bonded with Noran, the scope of her powers and abilities has increased significantly. She can even use ice as body armor. As she has lived alone with Noran in the icey wilderness most of her life, Shira has attained a great degree of skill in many forms of survival and combat, including hunting, tracking, stealth, hand to hand, ranged and with weapons. Recently, Shira's abilities have grown more powerful; she can even transform her body into a liquefied state, solid state or transform her body into solid ice at will. She is perfectly able to reform her body after being shattered.


Noran is a large and mystically born northern ice wolf. He bonded with Shira when they first met, and his presence seems to greatly increase her abilities, so he always accompanies her wherever she may go. His upbringing, both mystical and normal (not to mention his size) gives Noran greatly enhanced strength and endurance, so much so that he has taken very hard blows from other superhumans and has not been affected too much. He is also able to  mystically camouflage in to any snowy or misty background. Aside from that, he has diamond hard fangs and claws and is an exceptionally skilled hunter and killer. He wil always protect Shira, no matter the cost.
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