Shadowforce (young justice)

Shadowforce is a recurring antagonist, created by Ronnoc1, who appears in Young Justice fan stories.


Shadowforce is a being comprised almost entirely of darkness and as such can manipulate it at will. This darkness not only comprises his form, but also his spirit, as Shadowforce can be a very malicious foe who enjoys tormenting people. He was once a normal boy from Gotham when he was caught in one of The Joker's various schemes against Batman and was unforetunately killed. However, he was ressurected by unknown means and has harboured a deep resentment towards Batman and The Joker. He also harbours some bitterness towards Dick Grayson/Robin II/Nightwing as he was the Robin at the time of Shadowforce's rebirth.

Shadowforce was approached by Ra's Al Ghul at one point to aid The Light, but refused.


Due to some unknown occurence in his rebirth, Shadowforce returned without his lighter qualities and as such has few to no redeeming features. Though he has established a sense of honour and fights fairly unless it is "inconvenient". He also displays arrogance, due to his insubstantial nature, believing himself to be invincible. However after being defeated by the magic of Zatana, Shadowforce has become less over-confident though now he prioritises incapcitating magic-users first. He also seems to favour Scythes over other weapons, largely because he thinks they look cool.


Unlike other depictions, Shadowforce has a much more human appearance, possessing pale sking where it is not hidden by his cloak/coat. His hair is black while his eyes glow red at all times.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Shadowforce can travel through, become and manipulate darkness such as his opponents or his own shadow to teleport, create weapons or form tendrils to attack. Most physical attacks pass harmlessly through him, though his initial appearance has him becoming vulnerable as he attacks. This weakness is later lost, explained as him understanding his powers better, making Magic his only real weakness besides his arrogance and pride.

He also has a pocket dimmension "in the darkness" that amplifies his powers to near god-like levels whenever he is present in said dimmension. This location served as the one place where the team could not prevail against Shadowforce, him sparing them entirely becaused they no longer entertained him.

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