Shadow 3
Vital Statistics
Real Name Izla Rose Michaels
Alias Shadow, Iz, Izlande
Species demon/hybrid
Production Details
First appearance: The League: Heroes of Tomorrow
Voiced by JAYZICE
Shadow (Izlande Rose Micheals) is a young hero and one of the best friends of Dark Blade.


Shadow is quiet and thoughtful, liking to think before she acts. She is quite capable to act on a moments notice. Shadow is calm and has a dry sense of humor.


Black was a Nephilim who fell in love with a woman named, Rose Cooper. Knowing that he couldn't win her heart while he was a demon, he disguised himself as a human taking the name, Ian Michaels. He won her heart and they were married. A year later, Rose was pregnant with a baby girl. Because she was only human, Rose couldn't handle being pregnant with a half-demon child. They had to preform a C-section and during the operation, Rose died. Ian's daughter, Izlande Rose, was born blind. Ian, determined that his daughter learn to defend herself, started a rigorous  traing routine with her at the age of three.


Shadow has the powers of phasing and teleportations. She is able to go through solid obstacles like Kitty Pryde from the X-men. Due to being trained by her father since the age of three, she has fast reflexes and is a master of stealth and ninja prowess. She also has hearing that rivals that of Superboy's and is agile and light on her feet.




Dark BladeEdit

Becuase of the fact that they are both part-demon, Shadow trusts Dark Blade fully. She admires his strength and sense of justice, even developing a crush on him. They have known each other since they were both young as Shadow trained with Jane Roberson. Shadow tries to be understanding to him, getting him to trust other people. She knows that somethings happened when he was younger that he doesn't like to talk about, but she is waiting for that time when he will finally trust her enough to tell her.


Like with most girls, Blast tried to flirt with Shadow when they first met. She kindly told him that she was not interested and the two became good friends. She is grateful to have another 'disabled' person on the team and admires his genius.

Ian MichaelsEdit

Shadow adores her father immensly, knowing that she'll always be "Daddy's little ninja-girl." Ian does everything that he can to provide for her and she respects and is grateful. She knows that he misses her mom and will sometimes ask him about her. Shadow knows that Ian has sacrificed a lot for her and she desperatly wants him to be happy, even going so far as to set him up with dates. Ian only agrees to go because he loves her.


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