Secrets is the first episode of the Young Justice Lying Game.


After learning that she is the daughter of Zeus, a girl must use her newfound abilities to help a team of young heroes.


Elias School for Girls
October 12,20:05 EST

"Ugh, this is torture!" Greta Hayes said.

"What? How can you not find this interesting?" asked Suzanne King-Jones. Everyone called her Cissie.

"Oh, look, here's a section on Zeus, the Greek God of lighning," said Cassie Sandsmark.

"Come on. These are just some dumb old myths," Greta replied.

"Like ghosts?" Cissie countered.

"I'm going back to our room. Night," Cassie said.

"Night," the girls called.

"We'll just finish your report," Cissie told her.

"Thanks," Cassie said.

Should I have told them? she thought. Nah.

She got on her laptop and recieved a video chat.

"Hey Cass!" Donna Troy said.

"Hi Donna. How are things going?" asked Cassie.

"Listen. I need your help." Donna said.

October 12,21:45 EST

Cassie met Donna at an old telephone booth. Donna found out Cassie was the daughter of Zeus, and decided to show her how to control her powers.

"You sure you want to do this?" asked Donna.

"Positive," Cassie enthusiastically replied.

Donna handed her a backpack, and Cassie handed her a satchel.

"How is this going to work?" Cassie asked.

"It's simple," Donna said.

"How is this simple? You're asking me to take your place while you look for some alien!" Cassie exclaimed.

"Just relax. I have a book and my laptop with intructions on how to be me. Just act natural around the Team. We're kind of alike," Donna told her.

"Okay...."Cassie said.

Donna stepped forward, and a laser scanned her eyes.

"Wonder Girl. B-13"

Donna handed Cassie a necklace.

"What's this?" Cassie asked.

"A necklace that'll make you look like me. Put it on." Donna told her.

Cassie did, and stepped through the zeta-beam.

"I'll see you soon!" Donna called.

Mount Justice
October 12, 21:46 EST

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